5 December 2010

203. From blog to book

On my blogger 'blogspot' page I once saw an ad to convert my blog to a book instantly. I kept this in mind until recently when I thought I could afford such a treat.

I went to Blog2Print and went through the process of getting this blog Threefold Twenty turned into a book. I followed the instructions clicking on 'next' until I got to the paying instructions. I wanted to know how much it could cost and how I could pay for it. This information was unfortunately not stated upfront. I found out it would be around $60 and I could pay via a Paypal account. There was no currency exchange details but I trusted Paypal to do the job to convert it into Euros. I stopped the process without 'saving' my research.

When I was ready to actually have the book made and pay for it, I signed in and went through the same process again. When I got to the pay instructions, I went into my Paypal account and asked to have the money transferred. Fine. Then a page came up asking me to print the receipt. This is where I got stuck.

There was no possibility to go further after that, no more 'next' to click further to confirm and sign out. I was really stuck. I did click on 'print' and waited until my computer said the document could not be printed because there was no printer connected. I knew that. But the thing is that there was no way to go past this instruction. I did not see any button saying 'save' or put on hold or anything. I had to just leave the Blog2Book page without even being able to sign out.

I checked with my Paypal account that the money transaction had been done. Paypal confirmed it giving me details of it in Euros. So then I panicked. I went back to Blog2Print and wrote a message to get help. I received a reply some days later saying they had no trace of my order. So... where has my money gone???


Sreisaat said...

Oh no, that's not good. Did you ask Paypal support? I think there's a refund button you could click if the transaction didn't push through.

VildesVerden said...

OMG - did you find out what happened? Were they a fraud? did you get you money back?

Frankie Perussault said...

Don't worry, everything has been fixed and I should get my book before Xmas. I will write a nice report for Blog2Print with a photo of the book as soon as I get it.