15 August 2011


I don't want to upload new posts any longer.
Let's call it a day!
This is THE END for this blog.


Paige Hadley said...

I'n sorry to hear that, Frankie, especially since I've only had the pleasure of reading one of your posts. But thankyou anyway for the lovely time, and take care.

Pandabonium said...

Thanks for posts you have done in the past. I hope you will leave the blog up so that readers can still find your writings and previous readers can come back and read some of them again.

All the best to you.

O Docker said...

The blogging muse comes and goes, usually oblivious to our calling.

Perhaps, she'll visit again. When she does, you'll know.

captainblighty said...

Hi Frankie I dropped into your blog by chance.The short time that I have had to read your thoughts and experiences through the years I hope you can re consider carrying on with your writings here All the best Captain Blighty