30 November 2018

257. Meanwhile back at the ranch

Paris is burning...

In my lonesome village in the middle of the French countryside I am stuck and pinned down without my precious car. You do need a car when you live in the sticks.

The GASKET gave up. I was driving the 50 km from my place to the town of CHATEAUROUX when about halfway a flashing red light said STOP under my nose. So I did stop by the side of the highway on the grass. The engine was overheating, you could hear it, smell it and guess what was wrong.

After waiting some minutes to cool down I turned around and drove back to my friendly mechanic, stopping at regular intervals waiting for the engine temperature to come down. I made it alright, stopped relieved to give my car keys away with the understanding that the repairs will take a while and cost a lot.


My yellow jacket remained in the glove box... What shall I do now? 


More than 10 years ago a neighbor of mine in a distant village from me came to me for help and left me this story. From what I can make out it could be a case of microwave transmission. But I am not sure. 


22 Nov: Haven’t been able to sleep for the last 4 days due to the shrieking sound that is heard in all the rooms all the time. I put the radio on full blast to cover that sound.  My dog cries and fidgets, shakes her ears all the time.
6 Jan: I have nicknamed that shrieking sound ‘jingle bell’; it is on all the time.
7 Jan: Jingle bell seems to come from the neighbours’ garage; it sounds like a presence detector.
11 Jan: The jingle seems to have softened down a bit but curiously I hear my neighbours talking.  I can pick out certain words fairly clearly such as: ‘it should go through’, ‘I don’t understand’, ‘to do that at night’.
12 Jan: Another jingle follows me around as I walk outside this morning.
13 Jan: The jingle wakes me up at 3am.  It is fairly loud and I hear talking.  I go and see up above my bedroom in the attic where the sounds seems to come from.  It seems to be coming on a big electric cable connected to my heating. 

During the morning the jingle varies in pitch and sounds like a hospital monitoring sounds that would have gone flat.  In the afternoon I disconnected my electricity a number of times and I heard voices saying: ‘can’t do anything’, ‘push before it stops’.
In the evening I heard a loud ‘super!’  During the night I heard like a shower handle fall on the other side of the wall.  The jingle isn’t loud but I heard a voice saying ‘ah shit!’, then: ‘what do you see?’ and ‘it’s all aluminium’.  I think I’m going mad.  I go up to the attic with a torch.  As I was standing near the big electric cable I hear like the shutter of a camera but no more voices.  Back in my bedroom I hear: ‘I see a suitcase, there’s a cake tin in front of the meter”.  Yes, that’s right I do have a suitcase in my back kitchen with vacuum implements and a copper cake tin.  Then I hear: ‘a cake tin?’, ‘yes a cake tin’, ‘I see books, a glass top’.  Now I figure out they’re visiting my lounge.  Then: ‘a bed?’, ‘yes, an antique bed and armchairs’, ‘a desk’. 

I’m totally flabbergasted.  I hear a voice saying ‘it’s enough now’ and then: ‘it’s a nice place’.  Round 4am my dog barked and came to get me.  I heard a car engine running.  At 4.30am I got up.  I put my barking dog out.  A light was on outside my neighbours.  I went back to bed at 6am.
Later before leaving the house, I heard: ‘you should have told me’.  When I came home in the evening I heard: ‘you must plug out’, ‘lodging a complaint’, ‘lawyer’, ‘consequences’, ‘do you realise?’ and then: ’no, I don’t give a dam’.

16 Jan: This morning I heard: ‘you see’ and then ‘he smokes?’, ‘it’s over’.  That’s right, last night as I couldn’t sleep, I got up around 2am to smoke a cigarette.
My phone doesn’t work.  Outside in the afternoon I heard as if something was being fixed or tuned in the neighbours’ garage.
17 Jan: It looks like there is a connection between the jingle and a car outside.  
18 Jan: 1.30am I am woken up by voices arguing about setting something up.
19 Jan: 2.45am woken up by jingle and voices saying: ‘do you see?’, ‘have you seen?’
21 Jan: The jingle seems to accelerate as if out of control.  I hear shuffle outside and a voice saying: ‘I’ve got it’ and then the jingle stops.
22 Jan: The jingle is quite low now.  I heard: ‘can you hear it?’  Around me and following me are bluish spots of light, sometimes turning red.
23 Jan: There’s light in the neighbours’ attic.
28 Jan: I phoned my neighbours and told them my house was not for sale.  After the call I heard fidgeting as if cables were undone.  I saw footsteps in the snow going to the empty house on the other side.
3 Feb: As far as I can understand it seems the sound of the jingle goes up or down at a request most likely from a computer.  When I cut my electricity off, something happens at the neighbours’.  The optic blue or red spots are still here. 
4 Feb: I cut my electricity off one fuse at a time.  I go to sleep until 3am.
5 Feb: When I turn my electricity back on, I hear: ‘get up’, ‘power on’.  Then I turn it off again and I go to the kitchen with a torch.  I hear: ‘there’s light in the kitchen’, ‘you must be wrong’.  How can they see me? With a camera? I hear them mention the name of a letter I have written.  How can they see that?
6 Feb: I want to check something.  I sit at my kitchen table and write a letter addressed to my neighbours.  I hear them straight away reading out my letter.
During the night I get the feeling that someone is watching my eye lids provoking reflex movements.  I hear: ‘see, have you seen’.
8 Feb: Woken up by a voice saying: ‘that’s what he’s hearing’, probably talking about the jingle.  In the dark I saw a bunch of coloured light beams of about 10cm diameter.  I was dizzy as if drunk.  Through the night I remembered hearing things like ‘see, have you seen’ and someone saying I had a wrinkle on my nose.  My left ear is aching.  Why am I so tired when I wake up?  What do they do to me? 
9 Feb: I stayed up late lying on the sofa avoiding to go to bed.  I heard: ‘just wait, he mightn’t go to bed at all to-night’.
10 Feb: Woken up at 3.45am by the sound of ‘quick, quick, come down quick’.  The jingle seems to be in my door alarm.  I disconnect the alarm with my remote control.  I hear: ‘I can’t get out any more’.
Round 5am I called the police to report what was going on.  I was told not to worry.
I got up around 7am hearing ‘see, have you seen’ every time I did something.
11 Feb: Totally dumbfounded I realise that letters written some 25km away from my place are being read by my neighbours.  How on earth is that possible?

29 November 2018

255. YELLOW is the color

In France this autumn YELLOW is the color of disagreement and disrupt.

As a French citizen, born and bred, I have not been surprised when the volcanic folk movement erupted. At first I thought it was generated by extremists, extreme right wingers and extreme left wingers, because of their usual way of expressing dissent. I soon figured it was a general folk revolt. And I mentally joined. The idea of wearing the yellow jacket that everyone is bound to have in the car for safety reasons, that idea is absolutely brilliant. It makes you quite conspicuous and no one can tell you to take it off as it is mandatory to wear it when on the road in case of trouble.

Rulers and members of parliament were taken by surprise, they say, it only shows how far deaf and blind they are. In my French blog back in 2013, i.e. five years ago, I was writing about how our government and rulers had become “ogres” eating up their citizens and how the motherland had become such a cruel and bad mother . In December 2012 I even published a post under the title “Freedom has been moved away” 

…well I guess those people in government don’t read my blog!!! Or, they read it judging it as poop. I mean, uninteresting, fallacious, stupid, old fashioned, ridiculous and coming from someone unworthy of being taken seriously. I am not the only one, though, in that position. How many bells should we chime for rulers, those supposed to care about the welfare of the inhabitants and citizens, to listen and care? How many sirens? How many alarms? Now they kind of hope that it will simply disappear like in a bad dream.

A bad dream. Let them know that people on the ground are the ones producing the nation’s wealth. The farmers, peasants, miners and truck drivers, are the ones who bring forward all that abundance and prosperity that those in government can use to show off their power to the world. And on top of that, they are used to live in the rough hard ways. Like those peasants sent to war to defend our borders back a hundred years ago. Talking of celebrating those past glorious days! The French folks wearing the yellow jacket today are the same ones. They’ll grin and put up to hardship but will hold out. They’re prepared and ready to hold out. Make no mistake.

As Montaigne once wrote : On the most handsome throne in the world, you’re but sitting on your arse…