30 November 2018


More than 10 years ago a neighbor of mine in a distant village from me came to me for help and left me this story. From what I can make out it could be a case of microwave transmission. But I am not sure. 


22 Nov: Haven’t been able to sleep for the last 4 days due to the shrieking sound that is heard in all the rooms all the time. I put the radio on full blast to cover that sound.  My dog cries and fidgets, shakes her ears all the time.
6 Jan: I have nicknamed that shrieking sound ‘jingle bell’; it is on all the time.
7 Jan: Jingle bell seems to come from the neighbours’ garage; it sounds like a presence detector.
11 Jan: The jingle seems to have softened down a bit but curiously I hear my neighbours talking.  I can pick out certain words fairly clearly such as: ‘it should go through’, ‘I don’t understand’, ‘to do that at night’.
12 Jan: Another jingle follows me around as I walk outside this morning.
13 Jan: The jingle wakes me up at 3am.  It is fairly loud and I hear talking.  I go and see up above my bedroom in the attic where the sounds seems to come from.  It seems to be coming on a big electric cable connected to my heating. 

During the morning the jingle varies in pitch and sounds like a hospital monitoring sounds that would have gone flat.  In the afternoon I disconnected my electricity a number of times and I heard voices saying: ‘can’t do anything’, ‘push before it stops’.
In the evening I heard a loud ‘super!’  During the night I heard like a shower handle fall on the other side of the wall.  The jingle isn’t loud but I heard a voice saying ‘ah shit!’, then: ‘what do you see?’ and ‘it’s all aluminium’.  I think I’m going mad.  I go up to the attic with a torch.  As I was standing near the big electric cable I hear like the shutter of a camera but no more voices.  Back in my bedroom I hear: ‘I see a suitcase, there’s a cake tin in front of the meter”.  Yes, that’s right I do have a suitcase in my back kitchen with vacuum implements and a copper cake tin.  Then I hear: ‘a cake tin?’, ‘yes a cake tin’, ‘I see books, a glass top’.  Now I figure out they’re visiting my lounge.  Then: ‘a bed?’, ‘yes, an antique bed and armchairs’, ‘a desk’. 

I’m totally flabbergasted.  I hear a voice saying ‘it’s enough now’ and then: ‘it’s a nice place’.  Round 4am my dog barked and came to get me.  I heard a car engine running.  At 4.30am I got up.  I put my barking dog out.  A light was on outside my neighbours.  I went back to bed at 6am.
Later before leaving the house, I heard: ‘you should have told me’.  When I came home in the evening I heard: ‘you must plug out’, ‘lodging a complaint’, ‘lawyer’, ‘consequences’, ‘do you realise?’ and then: ’no, I don’t give a dam’.

16 Jan: This morning I heard: ‘you see’ and then ‘he smokes?’, ‘it’s over’.  That’s right, last night as I couldn’t sleep, I got up around 2am to smoke a cigarette.
My phone doesn’t work.  Outside in the afternoon I heard as if something was being fixed or tuned in the neighbours’ garage.
17 Jan: It looks like there is a connection between the jingle and a car outside.  
18 Jan: 1.30am I am woken up by voices arguing about setting something up.
19 Jan: 2.45am woken up by jingle and voices saying: ‘do you see?’, ‘have you seen?’
21 Jan: The jingle seems to accelerate as if out of control.  I hear shuffle outside and a voice saying: ‘I’ve got it’ and then the jingle stops.
22 Jan: The jingle is quite low now.  I heard: ‘can you hear it?’  Around me and following me are bluish spots of light, sometimes turning red.
23 Jan: There’s light in the neighbours’ attic.
28 Jan: I phoned my neighbours and told them my house was not for sale.  After the call I heard fidgeting as if cables were undone.  I saw footsteps in the snow going to the empty house on the other side.
3 Feb: As far as I can understand it seems the sound of the jingle goes up or down at a request most likely from a computer.  When I cut my electricity off, something happens at the neighbours’.  The optic blue or red spots are still here. 
4 Feb: I cut my electricity off one fuse at a time.  I go to sleep until 3am.
5 Feb: When I turn my electricity back on, I hear: ‘get up’, ‘power on’.  Then I turn it off again and I go to the kitchen with a torch.  I hear: ‘there’s light in the kitchen’, ‘you must be wrong’.  How can they see me? With a camera? I hear them mention the name of a letter I have written.  How can they see that?
6 Feb: I want to check something.  I sit at my kitchen table and write a letter addressed to my neighbours.  I hear them straight away reading out my letter.
During the night I get the feeling that someone is watching my eye lids provoking reflex movements.  I hear: ‘see, have you seen’.
8 Feb: Woken up by a voice saying: ‘that’s what he’s hearing’, probably talking about the jingle.  In the dark I saw a bunch of coloured light beams of about 10cm diameter.  I was dizzy as if drunk.  Through the night I remembered hearing things like ‘see, have you seen’ and someone saying I had a wrinkle on my nose.  My left ear is aching.  Why am I so tired when I wake up?  What do they do to me? 
9 Feb: I stayed up late lying on the sofa avoiding to go to bed.  I heard: ‘just wait, he mightn’t go to bed at all to-night’.
10 Feb: Woken up at 3.45am by the sound of ‘quick, quick, come down quick’.  The jingle seems to be in my door alarm.  I disconnect the alarm with my remote control.  I hear: ‘I can’t get out any more’.
Round 5am I called the police to report what was going on.  I was told not to worry.
I got up around 7am hearing ‘see, have you seen’ every time I did something.
11 Feb: Totally dumbfounded I realise that letters written some 25km away from my place are being read by my neighbours.  How on earth is that possible?

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