30 November 2018

257. Meanwhile back at the ranch

Paris is burning...

In my lonesome village in the middle of the French countryside I am stuck and pinned down without my precious car. You do need a car when you live in the sticks.

The GASKET gave up. I was driving the 50 km from my place to the town of CHATEAUROUX when about halfway a flashing red light said STOP under my nose. So I did stop by the side of the highway on the grass. The engine was overheating, you could hear it, smell it and guess what was wrong.

After waiting some minutes to cool down I turned around and drove back to my friendly mechanic, stopping at regular intervals waiting for the engine temperature to come down. I made it alright, stopped relieved to give my car keys away with the understanding that the repairs will take a while and cost a lot.


My yellow jacket remained in the glove box... What shall I do now? 

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