5 December 2018


Search and the web is our heritage, it is at the heart of everything we do.”  So says Matter Solutions, a knowledgeable team of computing web experts in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

Well yes, and writing a web-log has changed a lot since I first started more than 10 years ago. From a friendly laid back activity, hands on keyboard and smiling to your screen, it has become the hard driven activity to success it is now. Success! Your business online. Competition. How to secure competitive advantages over other businesses in your industry.

Thank God for my old blogging friends who have remained out of the competition and still blog the friendly way, i.e. post whatever they fancy, whenever it suits them, to the world wide web for friendly readers who leave nice comments by the side. A web of human friendliness across the globe in your own language, freely translated on the side by a google friendly machine. Cool!

So, this morning, I shall post photos of my day dawning at 8 am in France as I am waiting for the chimney sweep to come and sweep my chimney. Well, that has changed a lot too. These days a huge vacuum cleaner is put in the fireplace and the job is done in a couple of minutes.

Dawn in December is at 8 am at my place in France

I’m back into blogging, yeah!

And by the way many thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

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