6 December 2018

259. Christmas 2018

Christmas in christendom is one of those festivities that are now rather remote to what it must have been in the early days of Christianity. I once lived in Israel and as a Christian attended a service at the YMCA in Jerusalem. I think it was in December 1965. Then and there, Jesus was still the reason for the season, as the saying goes.

Nowadays, in France anyway, the main reason for the season is buying presents for kids and various family members who will attend a huge dinner deep inside a house with all doors closed. You’ve got to have the “dough” for all this great spending and to produce good food for your family. I used to absolutely hate, detest, abhor this time of the year when, as a jobless single mother, I mostly found myself unable to come up to the mark.

This Xmas I surprise myself loving the occasion! A grand-mother now I find myself taking great pleasure at decorating my place. No hassle. Just fun.

yes, that blanket isn't much for a xmas hanging! it's to block the passage and keep warm in the room
a bit messy backstage in the kitchen... but hang on! I haven't finished

got logs delivered for the fireplace
As I have recently joined again the bloggers community I had left a couple of years ago to waste time on FaceBook, I relish in reading posts, logs and blogs of old friends who were more faithful to blogging than myself. Funny enough my English speaking friends react as if I had never left. I am “lost between two shores” somehow. On the French side of it you just don’t mix with people you don’t know and so I find myself pretty isolated with my French blog. I shall publish exactly the same post in French now and see what happens…

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