8 December 2018

261. Romantic and sexy

Romantic and sexy

In English it is a common place to say, write and publish that the French language and therefore the French are… romantic and sexy.

Romantic?  characterized by the expression of love? suggestive of an idealized view of reality? “Romance” refers to the passion you get from pursuing an ideal that you value, says the google definition. Romantic also means something exciting and mysterious and having a strong effect on your emotions.

I am writing this while viewing the news live on what is currently happening in Paris. Right now an uprising is taking place throughout the country. Great violence last weekend has turned the “romantic” capital city of France into a battle field. I guess, yes, it fits the description of a passionate exciting  people who throughout its history has run barehanded against their king or government whenever those deviate from their ideal and values.

Have a look at the C-news live here and let me know if you find it romantic :

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Now about being “sexy” it is mostly referring to the women. I once asked a British friend of mine why they say that, how come it is such a common place. What he replied left me without breath. He said: in France you’re like a cat in a fish shop.

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