9 January 2019

269. At the Edge of the Forest


At the edge of the forest

PHOTO PROMPT © Priya Bajpal

Once upon a time there were three brothers and a sister living in a mansion at the edge of a forest. Their father, the Baron, used to gather bits of this and that for a grand collection which he showed once a year on summer solstice day. For the remaining of the year his quaint collection remained hidden.

The elder boy, Alpha, asked one day where it was and if he could have a look at it before solstice day.

- No, son, your request cannot be met. It may stop the sun to travel on through the year.

Alpha was not happy with this answer. He summoned his sister Omega and commanded her to ask their mother.

- No, my dear daughter, I cannot help you. I do not even know myself.

On solstice day that year the sun stopped its travel through the year and summer remained around the mansion at the edge of the forest for ever.

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