23 January 2019

271. Autumn in the forest

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS  is a writers challenge to create a one hundred word story inspired from a photo prompt. Each week a new prompt. 

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

You can view the weekly prompt and join the challenge on a link from InLinkz each week different. Make sure you keep up with Rochelle's great choice of prompts!

 photo prompt by Ted Strutz, a guy living on a small island between Vancouver island and Seattle, would you believe!

My story for this prompt:

At the edge of the forest only the baroness ever left the summer-for-ever area around the mansion. She used to drive out to work on week days and sometimes take a walk in the vast forest on weekends. While her daughter Omega used to ask everyday for a lift to the outside world, her elder boy Alpha never bothered.

Today the baroness, walking happily in the woods on a lovely autumn day, is thinking of taking her daughter with her next time. "Why not", she asks herself as she approaches a derelict old car abandoned among the trees. A teenage boy jumps out:
- Mum!

:-)     :-)     :-)     :-)     :-)

Author's blah blah: Creating new characters for a small story each week and then throwing them away like paper tissues is hard for me. I shall write 100 words every week using the same characters inspired by the photo prompt each time different, thus making a long story prompt after prompt  :-)

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