2 February 2019

273. The Mansion by the forest

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A novel  

Just an episode.

After the Mansion became doomed in a for-ever-summer time, Alpha first thought he was stuck there like the others, like his father, the butler's family at the end of the lane, his sister Omega and Littlebrother. For some strange reason Mother was the only one who could leave the stricken area. He first thought of building a tunnel and started to dig from a room on the ground floor of the Mansion that he declared forbidden to anyone. But then he found an escape behind a rosebush at the back of the house.

After his father's predictions about his dream he decided to escape to the forest. He needed time on his own to think. Sitting quietly in the driver's seat of an old abandoned car deep in the forest of Sheenan he talked himself into meditating as the Butler had taught him. Calm and at peace with himself he wondered about his life.

"I really love being with Dad in his study and his old books. Dad belongs to ancient times really. He reads great authors of past centuries. He ponders this and that all the time. He even started writing books about, hold it, about divination. As if you could know about the future for certain. What he said to me that three people I know are about to die, I don't believe. How can you "read" the future? To start with, you have to believe that it is all organized beforehand, the only problem being that we ignore it. Should I believe that? Does it make sense? Why should we be ignorant of the future if it is all organized already."

Knowing that his mother could turn up where he was hiding, he left the abandoned car and walked further inside the forest of Sheenan.